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the 01 associates approach to legal technology consulting
most of the production requirements of a large legal case involve documents and email. 01 associates provides assistance in the more neglected field of structured data production needs. many of our clients are required to produce from their live systems full "native" databases used as part of the normal course of business. these court-imposed mandates are easy to request, but difficult to comply with in litigation. we have a great deal of experience collecting snapshots of live databases and providing review and production of these databases in nearly any format required.

our pharmaceutical and medical device clients are often obligated to produce data for adverse events, sales call notes, medical inquiries, clinical studies, speaking engagement payments, and other tracked data in commercial and in-house designed databases. our clients needing financial data analysis, reporting, and production of structured data rely on our consultants to not only understand the data, but interpret what it means within the case. we find ourselves working with many of the same off-the-shelf systems across cases, but we have also developed a sizable practice around accessing and understanding legacy databases that often lack documentation.

we offer native database redaction services when required for various compliance reasons, including hipaa, and have developed a unique set of tools that even allow for free text notes to be reviewed and redacted within a database and produced in that format. these tools have been developed around the idea that the data is sensitive and often needs to be reviewed in-house so these tools can reside on a local intranet safely behind the client's firewall.

when structured data is involved, much of the burden of litigation is placed on departments within a company to respond to various custodian requests. this process can slow down to weeks for a responsive set of data for a name search because it might involve multiple departments and employees who have regular responsibilities beyond responding to requests from outside counsel. at 01 associates, we have developed several search tools that span across our database repositories for a client that can return results in minutes, not weeks. this has been used to respond to defendant fact sheet requests with on-the-fly created custom printable reports based on complex databases on our servers. the request can be sent from a standalone tool at outside counsel and results delivered over a secure website minutes later.

more than anything else, 01 associates solves problems that do not have an obvious and immediate answer. we design, code, and build the tools that do not exist when the need arises. we tackle datasets that cannot easily be turned into a printable document. at our core, we understand data that is not easy to explain to a court or for a law firm to use to defend their client. we provide consulting services that make millions of records of data accessible and understandable to those who need to use it.

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